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Telescopic Boom Lift / 45 ft.-47 ft. / 4WD

The Genie® S®-40 HF and S-45 HF high float telescopic booms are designed to perform heavy-lifting tasks in sensitive turf conditions, such as sand and turf ground conditions. Engineered to “float” on soft or delicate surfaces, the Genie S-40 and S-45 HF booms protect softer surfaces during operation that could be damaged by the more aggressive tread on regular rough terrain tires.

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This new generation of Genie HF booms retain the productivity features that enhance customers’ ability to get work done quickly, including:

  • A virtual pivot primary boom that aligns the machine’s center of gravity for lower machine weight
    • 13,544 lb (6,143 kg) on the Genie S-40 HF model
    • 15,720 lb (7,130 kg) on the Genie S-45 HF model
  • 4WD and positive traction drive maintains equal power to all drive wheels
  • 45% gradeability (stowed) for driving on slopes1
  • 60˚ platform rotation and 360˚ continuous rotation turntable for quick, precision positioning
  • Max Platform Height:

    13.56m (44ft 6in)
  • Max Horizontal Reach:

    10.36m (34ft)
  • Below Ground Reach:

    1.27m (4ft 2in)
  • Platform Capacity:

    272kg (600lb)
  • Machine Width and Length:

    8 ft 5 in, 31 ft 1 in | 2.56 m, 9.47 m

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